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AZRHA Year End Points

Year end points are based on Rider/Horse Combo. Both Exhibitor and Owner are required to be members of the AZRHA at the time of competition. Point calculations are based on a 10 point scale that varies based on how many were in the class. The number of points awarded based on placing and how many are in the class are in the table above. For example, if an eligible horse rider combo take 1st place in a class with 10 or more horses, they would receive 10 points. If an eligible horse rider combo was 3rd in that same class they would recievce 8 points. This method of calculation was adbopted to allow people who compete all year the ability to remain competitive in year end awards. To be eligible for year end points, a rider has to show in more than half of the slates offered. For 2022 that will require a minimum 4 slates to be eligible in all classes with the exception of the Long Stirrups, Future Reiners, Novice Horse L3(Open and NP) and Arabian Classes where 3 is required . If you have ANY QUESTIONS or feel there is an error in these points, contact Kathy at

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