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November 7 – 9, 2014
WestWorld of Scottsdale

Please contact Nancy Elton / 602-550-9920 to schedule your arena time.
$40.00 per 8 minute ride in Arena 5A (Covered)

Doug Huls 

Show Manager:  
 Garrett Cooper /
GarrettWCooper@gmail.com / 602-677-1438

Show Secretary:
Shawn Martin /
Shawnee71@msn.com / 623-217-3879 

Video provided by
Blue Moon Studios

Host Hotel:

McDowell Mountain Marriott
16770 North Perimeter Drive • Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
To book your stay please call 800.288.6127

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President’s Message:

Well, it’s still a bit hot here in the desert, but the show season is still going strong. We have our AzRHA Best of the West Reining Extravaganza – with over $45,000 IN ADDED MONEY coming up in October (9-12th)… this show includes a $15,000 ADDED FUTURITY and a $7500 ADDED NON PRO FUTURITY!! Thanks again to all of our great sponsors for making these shows possible!! You can check out all of our sponsors on the link to the left!! Check them out and support them whenever you can. This show is a great way to get your futurity horses geared up and ready for OKC!! We also have our last show, the AzRHA Autumn Slide in November, which is always a favorite for our members and spectators. The schedules and entries will be available as soon as possible for both of these shows.

We also held two paid warm-ups during the summer!! Thanks to everyone who took the opportunity to fool’em n school’em in the new climate-controlled Equidome at WestWorld!! These are great for our members and for our club and we appreciate everyones’ support.

The Arizona Reining Horse Association was also proud to offer reining “Rookies” a chance to ride with some of the best trainers in the west at our annual Rookie Day Clinic and Show held in the Equidome at WestWorld of Scottsdale in August. All proceeds went to benefit the NRHA’s Reining Horse Sports Foundation (RHSF) and the Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund. This crisis fund benefits reiners from around the country who are in need due to illness, injury, or natural disasters… just to name a few.

What a turnout!! We had the largest number of participants (29) at this Rookie Day in our history of hosting these events, and it was also the largest Rookie Day across the country so far this year. AzRHA would like to thank the very talented group of NRHA Professionals who donated their time and expertise for this special day to coach the rookies -- Jessica Bein, Wilfred Boscha, Patrick Flaherty, Arno Honstetter, Ashley Kelkenberg and Ashley Wilson.

Event Coordinator, Tracy Lynch got everyone signed up, and each participant received some great products and information from Pestmasters, Desert Saddlery, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The WestWorld Equidome was prepped and ready to go thanks to AzRHA volunteer, Barry Byron. Then, at 9:00 am, the clinic portion of the day began. The trainers teamed up to worked with their rookies through different maneuvers found in a reining pattern. They also gave them great advice on how to handle situations, what the judges are often looking for, and the best way to get their horses shown.

After the clinic portion, everyone took a break inside the Equidome and enjoyed a nice lunch provided by event coordinator Tracy Lynch and her husband, NRHA Professional, Tim Lynch. Tim and I took this opportunity to educate these rookie riders about the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA), the Reining Horse Sports Foundation and the Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund. A lot of the participants were first timers and it was great for them to learn about each organization and what made this day so special.

Then… it was show time!! For the first time in AzRHA history, a 10 & Under Class was offered so these hard working young reiners could compete amongst themselves. NRHA Judge (and my lovely daughter), Andi Paul, volunteered her time and expertise to judge this event. She watched as these youngsters put their horses through NRHA pattern #12 and they all did an amazing job!! The competition is always fun to watch and AzRHA would like to congratulate all of the kiddos on their great rides!! First Place – McKinzie Walker ; Second Place – Olivia Felderhoff ; Third Place – McKenna Bein; Fourth Place – Quinn Eisenfeld; and a tie for Fifth Place and Sixth Place – Michelle Fumagalli and Madison Walker.
After the 10 & Under Class, the Rookie Class began. Again, our volunteer NRHA Judge, Andi Paul watched 23 rookies put their horses through NRHA pattern #8 while their coaches gave them pointers and helped them along the rail. It was an exciting event to watch and the rookies were great about supporting their fellow reiners and teammates. Once again, the competition is always tough and these Rookies mean business! The Top Ten riders were: First Place – Paris Elton; A tie for Second and Third Place – Martha Torkington and Natalie Toner; Fourth Place – Shari Hart; Fifth Place – Debbie Allen; Sixth Place – Cynda Rice; A tie for Seventh and Eighth Place – Tammy Blakely and Jane Richenberg; Ninth Place – Catherine Ferandelli; and a Tie for Tenth and Eleventh Place – Patti Sullivan and Thiago Moraes!!

Marilyn Sheldon from Blue Moon Studios donated her time and equipment to videotape each ride. She also offered a delayed feed at the back gate so each rider could view their ride with their coaches and get extra advice and feedback. These delayed feeds at the back gate are always a great tool (regardless of what level you ride), and it was very much appreciated by the rookies who participated. Judge, Andi Paul and her scribe, Laura Thomas, also offered each rookie a score card that they could keep and use for reference as they watched their rides at the back gate with their coaches.

After the classes were finished, the fun continued with an award ceremony and lots of great prizes going to the winners and beyond. Sandra Walker (Rafter M Photography) provided professional shots throughout the day and during the award ceremony, capturing some great moments for all the trainers, rookies and their families.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, organized and volunteered at this great event. AzRHA appreciates the support and looks forward to many more successful Rookie Day Clinics in the future. You can stay informed by visiting our website at www.azrha.com, or join our Facebook page.

Ride Happy!!
Dave Belson


Classic Equine Rookie Day sponsored by AzRHA


 Arizona Reining Horse Association

From days long ago when cowboys would casually compete with each other to determine whose horse was a better, more willing partner, the sport of Reining has exploded into a multi-million dollar industry world-wide. Reining is the only western discipline to be recognized by the IFE and it was a featured event in the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. If you have not seen a Reining Horse run his pattern, you are missing out! Around the world, the premier Reining events are drawing larger and larger crowds. This is partly due to the excitement that Reining provides for the participant and spectator alike.

Reining is a judged event requiring competitors to complete one of 12 approved patterns in an arena. These precise patterns include small slow circles, large fast circles, flying lead changes, roll backs, 360 degree spins done in place, and “the hallmark” of the reining horse, the exciting sliding stops. Often called the "Dressage" of Western events, Reining is the ultimate blend of horse and rider, combining speed and maneuverability through this series of intricate patterns. Reining requires the horse to be responsive and completely in tune with its rider. Cues and commands should not be easily visible. The reining pattern is judged based on how willfully guided the horse responds and its ability to perform the required movements. 

The Arizona Reining Horse Association (AzRHA) was founded in 1984 as an Affiliate of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA).  The AzRHA is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting and growing the sport of Reining in the state of Arizona and beyond.  The AzRHA adheres to the rules and regulations of the NRHA and provides a forum for exhibitors, breeders, and anyone interested in the sport of Reining.

THE AzRHA ANNUAL MEETING will be held during the November Autumn Slide Show.
Plan on attending this quick meeting for an update about our Non-Profit Organization.
All AzRHA Members are encouraged to attend.

Photo credit: Cam Essik.

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