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May 8-11, 2014
WestWorld of Scottsdale

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McDowell Mountain Marriott
16770 North Perimeter Drive · Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
To book your stay please call 800.288.6127

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President's Message
By Dave Belson 

The Arizona Sun Circuit was a great success and the Arizona Reining Horse Association (AzRHA) was proud to be a part of the tradition this year.  We held our first 2014 NRHA Regional Affiliate Finals (RAF) Qualifier in conjunction with the AQHA Classes this year, and it gave our members a chance to ride for multiple awards, money and year end points.    We had a great turnout with our own local reiners as well as reiners from across the country, and I want to thank all of our members who came out and showed at the Sun Circuit.  The weather sure was great and it seems that a good time was had by all. 

Our members not only did awesome in the NRHA Classes, they also took home some top spots in the AQHA Competition!!  Congratulations to everyone who participated in this great show…. AzRHA was proud to be a part of it this year!!   

 Our latest show was the AzRHA Spring Stampede held a few weeks ago.  We had a decent turnout considering the stall issues and the weather, and we want to thank all of those exhibitors who participated.  We also held the annual EGG-N-SPOON RACE to benefit our amazing Youth Club.   AzRHA was proud to present them with a check…. over $800.00!!  Thanks again to everyone who participated and to our Show Manager, Garrett Cooper for orchestrating the event!!   A BIG CONGRATS to Jessica Bein, this years’ champ and her trusty band of egg-n-spooners….  Debbie Cooper, Paris Elton, Ashley Stroh and Avery Shriver!!  Also, a very big thanks to Mary Anne Van Degna and Bar Double C Ranch… she won the Calcutta with this team and donated her proceeds back to the youth club!!!    

The Youth Club also revitalized their Popcorn Maker and it was a big hit in the show office… they raised just over $50.00!!  They will have the popcorn maker at the Mother’s Day Slide in May, along with their Snow Cone maker which is sure to be a nice cool treat for everyone!!   Our youth club has been busy planning their 2014 events which include the Dog Races and Saddle Soap Sale (Mother’s Day Slide);  the Slide Contest (Reining Extravaganza) and the Freestyle Competition (Autumn Slide).  They have also selected several  organizations they would like to support this year… All of the money that the youth club raised will go towards grants and their favorite charities which include…. Reining Grace Ranch, Foothills Foodbank, Mingus Mountain Girls Ranch and the Arizona Equine Rescue.  These are all wonderful organizations and our youth kids are proud to be supporting them in 2014! 

We have a very busy schedule this year…. Our next show is the Hoofbeats with Heart Show.  This is a great organization and AzRHA is happy to help promote this show.  This show will be held at the Queen Creek Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre, March 19-23rd.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!!   

For the latest AzRHA information, you can check us out at www.azrha.com.    Ride Happy!!

Arizona Reining Horse Association

From days long ago when cowboys would casually compete with each other to determine whose horse was a better, more willing partner, the sport of Reining has exploded into a multi-million dollar industry world-wide. Reining is the only western discipline to be recognized by the IFE and it was a featured event in the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Kentucky. If you have not seen a Reining Horse run his pattern, you are missing out! Around the world, the premier Reining events are drawing larger and larger crowds. This is partly due to the excitement that Reining provides for the participant and spectator alike.

Reining is a judged event requiring competitors to complete one of 12 approved patterns in an arena. These precise patterns include small slow circles, large fast circles, flying lead changes, roll backs, 360 degree spins done in place, and “the hallmark” of the reining horse, the exciting sliding stops. Often called the "Dressage" of Western events, Reining is the ultimate blend of horse and rider, combining speed and maneuverability through this series of intricate patterns. Reining requires the horse to be responsive and completely in tune with its rider. Cues and commands should not be easily visible. The reining pattern is judged based on how willfully guided the horse responds and its ability to perform the required movements. 

The Arizona Reining Horse Association (AzRHA) was founded in 1984 as an Affiliate of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA).  The AzRHA is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting and growing the sport of Reining in the state of Arizona and beyond.  The AzRHA adheres to the rules and regulations of the NRHA and provides a forum for exhibitors, breeders, and anyone interested in the sport of Reining.

THE AzRHA ANNUAL MEETING will be held during the November Autumn Slide Show.
Plan on attending this quick meeting for an update about our Non-Profit Organization.
All AzRHA Members are encouraged to attend.

Photo credit: Cam Essik.

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